PowerDrive X5 Rotary Steerable System

Push-the-bit system designed for full directional control while rotating the drillstring

The PowerDrive X5 rotary steerable system (RSS) is engineered for peak drilling performance and reliability in long runs and precise wellbore placement with less drilling time.

Automatic inclination hold and efficient downlink functions maintain directional control while drilling ahead. These enhancements improve drilling performance by up to 15% and ensure more productive time on bottom.

Full rotation of the system components reduces drag, improves ROP, decreases the risk of sticking, and achieves superior hole cleaning. This full rotation improves wellbore smoothness and decreases tortuosity, which reduces drilling torque and eliminates unplanned wiper trips.

Near-bit measurements for accurate wellbore placement

The downlink systems and automatic inclination assist in drilling a smooth tangent section and improve TVD accuracy. These elements are critical for maximizing recoverable reserves and the well's production potential.

An azimuthal gamma ray sensor, 6 1/2 ft [2 m] from the bit, gives formation dip and identifies bed boundaries for a fast response to formation changes and well placement optimization.

PowerDrive X5 Flex hybrid point-the-bit RSS option

PowerDrive X5 Flex RSS is a hybrid point-the-bit service option for increased dogleg capability in challenging environments.

The combination of PowerDrive X5 push-the-bit RSS with an inline flex joint enables the system to use point-the-bit principles to meet demanding trajectory requirements. The resulting fully rotating hybrid system bends the BHA at higher dogleg delivering curvatures.

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