PowerDrive X6 Rotary Steerable System

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Push-the-bit system designed for full directional control while rotating the drillstring

The PowerDrive X6 rotary steerable system (RSS) is a push-the-bit RSS tool designed for full directional control while rotating the drillstring. The PowerDrive X6 RSS minimizes the effect of external drilling environment factors, improving focus on performance and reliability.

Performance & reliability in wide operating envelope

The increased operating envelope enables PowerDrive X6 RSS to work on higher mud weights and a much wider flow range, bringing the benefits of rotary steerables to wells where they were previously not possible.

The improved control for the robust PowerDrive X6 RSS is suitable for harsh environments, able to handle higher mud weights, wider flow ranges, drilling dynamics, aggressive muds, and debris.

Integrated Solution Saves Shell USD 1.3 Million and Doubles Production in Changbei Well

RSS-bit combination improves drilling performance in hard, abrasive formation. Read case study

Full rotation reduces drag, improves ROP, decreases the risk of sticking, and achieves superior hole cleaning. This full rotation improves wellbore smoothness and decreases tortuosity, which reduces drilling torque and eliminates unplanned wiper trips.

PowerDrive X6 Flex hybrid point-the-bit RSS option

PowerDrive X6 Flex RSS is a hybrid point-the-bit service option for increased dogleg capability in challenging environments.

The combination of PowerDrive X6 push-the-bit RSS with an inline flex joint enables the system to use point-the-bit principles to meet demanding trajectory requirements. The resulting fully rotating hybrid system bends the BHA at higher dogleg delivering curvatures.

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PowerDrive X6 RSS with Push-the-Bit Technology

PowerDrive X6
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