PowerV Vertical Drilling System

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Vertically unchallenged automatic rotary steerable system

The PowerV vertical drilling system lets you drill from spud to TD while automatically keeping the well path vertical. The fully rotating system gives you cost-efficient drilling while automatically and continuously maintaining a vertical wellbore, thus removing the potential for costly correction runs.

The full-rotation PowerV RSS improves hole cleaning efficiency and wellbore quality. Also, there's reduced lost-in-hole potential and reduced mechanical and differential sticking.

Automatic steering without interaction from surface

When drilling, the PowerV RSS actively steers downward, regardless of the azimuth of any inclination present. The vertical RSS immediately senses if the hole inclination is building and automatically determines the direction required to steer back to vertical. Once vertical, any deviation tendency is corrected automatically downhole, thus maintaining vertical without any operator interaction from surface. Little to no directional interaction or supervision is needed.

A simple inclination-only MWD or SlimPulse service can be used if confirmation of vertical inclination is required. By using surface and/or downhole power technologies, the PowerV RSS can be adapted to run on almost any rig. The technology integration is an optimal performance vertical drilling solution.

You can optimize bit selection for specific formations rather than sliding with a conventional motor. The system does not interfere with normal drilling practices, such as reaming, backreaming, and shoe drill outs, optimizing the complete drilling process and increasing effective penetration rates.

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PowerV RSS Drills Vertical Wells Automatically

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