Slider Plus Fully Automated Slide Drilling System

Automation optimizes sliding ROP & maintains toolface

The Slider Plus fully automated slide drilling system helps increase drilling efficiency in directional and horizontal drilling operations performed with motors and MWD directional systems. With this system in place, the directional driller (DD) simply enters the target toolface, and Slider Plus system takes over by automatically maintaining toolface within acceptable limits and optimizing sliding ROP—providing more skill at the rig without adding more people.

The Slider Plus system works with the most rigs, even the newest types of advanced rigs, and requires minimal training for drillers and DDs to use.

Slider system still offers drilling benefits

The new-generation Slider Plus system adds an additional layer of automated system controls to the Slider surface rotation control system many have already used in the field. With the original Slider system, the driller initiates the automatic rocking action for weight transfer to the bit when switching to sliding mode. The Slider system is available for smaller rigs or rigs with technological limitations. The Slider Plus system also provides the option to switch back to manual mode, if needed.

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Slide Drilling System Improves Sliding Efficiency and ROP

Slider Plus system screenSlider Plus system screen
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