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Bimill and trimill configurations provide advanced window milling capabilities

TrackMaster CH bi-mill and tri-mill configurationsThe TrackMaster CH system is designed to offer two- or three-mill configurations for advanced window milling capabilities. The bimill design includes both the lead mill and the follow mill. All three mills are included in the trimill configuration.

  • Dress mill to condition the window, ensuring that subsequent assemblies can be deployed and retrieved without obstruction.
  • Follow mill to elongate the window using carbide inserts, which have chip-breaking features for efficient casing.
  • Lead mill is geometrically matched to the angles on the whipstock to maximize cutting structure engagement with the casing, while minimizing loads on the whipstock face.

Milling options

  • FasTrack one-trip mill drills conventional and extended ratholes efficiently
  • Hard-formation bimill reduces wear and improves impact resistance
  • i-MILL PDC whipstock mill drills soft to medium-hard formations at high ROP
  • Carbide bimill or trimill drills 3- to 15-ft ratholes effectively, using MillMaster carbide inserts

Three-part ramp-and-mill design delivers high-quality,
full-gauge windows

Trackmaster CH window executionThe fast-cutout ramp at the top of the whipstock cradles a full-gauge lead mill while running in hole and sets the necessary kickoff angle to initiate cutout. The result is a full-gauge window within a few inches of the cutout.

The full-gauge section of the whipstock extends the window and maximizes the window quality while minimizing effective dogleg severity. The midramp accelerates the lead mill past its center point, facilitating completion of the window and rathole in one run. 
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Multiple-ramp whipstock design enhances critical
milling processes

Casing engagement and removal are optimized by matching the angles between the whip face and the milling tool. The system’s hookup attachment allows flexibility between the milling assembly and the whipstock. This flexibility enables higher torque tolerances during orientation and trouble-free passage through doglegs when tripping in.TrackMaster CH multiple-ramp slide and hinge flexibility

A one-way kickover hinge provides an additional flex point during orientation and when running in hole. It also ensures that the whipstock ramp is positioned to direct the mill to the initial cutout point in the casing.

Whipstock Design Provides Advanced Milling Capability

TrackMaster CH
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