Openhole Whipstock Sidetracking System

Traditional openhole sidetracking tools and methods are time-consuming and expensive

Traditional tools and methods used for openhole sidetracking are inherently time-consuming and inefficient. The process can take up to 24 hours before the actual sidetracking operation begins, and a number of factors can affect the success of the plug-setting operation, including downhole temperature and pressure, wellbore deviation, cement plug depth, quality of cement, cure time, and mud additives.

Openhole whipstock system eliminates cement plug uncertainty

An openhole sidetrack with a whipstock eliminates these complications by setting a hydraulically expandable anchor, which enables running, orienting, anchor setting, cementing, and stinger recovery to drill ahead in one trip. The mechanical anchor eliminates the risk of damaged packer elements while running in hole, and the anchor has an internal lock to hold the system in place after setting.

TrackMaster OH Openhole Whipstock Sidetracking System

TrackMaster OH-C Openhole Whipstock and Cementing System

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