Quick Reference Guide of Drilling and Measurement Technologies

The 2015 edition with the latest technologies

With an integrated portfolio of drilling and measurement technologies that is stronger than ever, Schlumberger is well-equipped to deliver the advanced service solutions necessary to improve operational efficiency and meet today’s drilling objectives, even in the world’s most technically challenging environments.

The Quick Reference Guide of drilling and measurement technologies helps you select and use our services to drill more productively. Each drilling and measurement service offered by Schlumberger is listed with an outline of its applications, advantages, and basic specifications.

Optimize technically challenging drilling operations

In addition to listing our standard drilling, LWD, and MWD offering, the 2015 QRG also specifies which technologies accommodate high-pressure, high-temperature, and ultrahigh-temperature operations.

Each section also includes a table that illustrates which Schlumberger drilling technologies are especially suited to maximize performance in complex operating environments and technical challenges, including carbonates, heavy oil, unconventional reservoirs, deep water, and Factory Drilling development.

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2015 Quick Reference Guide

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