Quick Reference Guide of Drilling and Measurement Technologies (Russian)

The 2013 edition with the latest technology

The Quick Reference Guide of drilling and measurement technologies helps you select and use our services to drill more productively. Each drilling and measurement service offered by Schlumberger is listed with an outline of its applications, features, and basic specifications. This digital Quick Reference Guide is easily viewable on your computer or tablet, and it will be updated each time a new service becomes commercially available.

A resource for the identification and mitigation of drillstring dynamics risks

At the back of the guide, you will find shock and vibration workflows for the mitigation of drillstring dynamics. Shock and vibration, or drillstring dynamics, are prime culprits in many drilling problems today. Shock in a drilling environment is the sudden input of energy from impacts of the bit, BHA, or drillpipe with the wellbore, with vibration resulting from these shocks. Rapid and continuous vibration can result in fatiguing of the drillstring connections to the point of twisting off. This is why many drillstring failures are the result of cumulative fatigue due to vibration and why there are regular inspection periods.

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