Geology While Drilling

Structure and stratigraphy

With a full suite of multifunction LWD services, Schlumberger provides comprehensive datasets for formation evaluation, drilling optimization, and well placement. With high-resolution, real-time imaging, operators can identify dipping beds, faults, and fractures that could potentially impact drilling performance or have a negative effect on production. These data aid in the critical decisions that optimize completion design.

MicroScope HD High-Definition Imaging-While-Drilling Service

Get high-resolution LWD imaging for structural analysis, sedimentology, and fracture characterization.

Neutron Density Imaging Service

SURVIVOR HPHT Slim Density Neutron Standoff Caliper Tool

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Fracture Characterization with MicroScope HD Service

MicroScope HD High-Definition Imaging-While-Drilling Service
High-definition LWD imaging supports fracture and dip analysis for structural reservoir and sedimentology evaluation. Visit MicroScope HD Service page