SlimPulse Retrievable MWD Service

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Continuous D&I, Toolface, and Gamma Ray Measurements While Drilling

SlimPulse retrievable MWD service, the third-generation slim MWD service, gives you direction, inclination, toolface, and gamma ray real-time measurements for mud pulse telemetry.

Continuous direction and inclination (D&I) measurements are made while rotating to facilitate trajectory control and reduce stationary measurements. Telemetry data automatically switches between a "sliding frame" and a "rotating frame" to optimize update rates for improved trajectory control.

Retrievable and replaceable for reduced lost-in-hole exposure

The entire tool is fully retrievable and replaceable, which saves rig time by eliminating pipe trips for directional equipment.

The SlimPulse service is coupled with a new surface system of reduced hardware and manpower requirements to create the DD Direct acquisition system for the high-volume drilling market. This is an efficient and reliable D&I service requiring minimal installation time and footprint size. This expedites the time required to install directional services by removing unnecessary and cumbersome hardware at the wellsite.

The combination of SlimPulse service and AIM at-bit inclination measurement tool gives you precise trajectory control in hole sizes as small as 5 7/8 in. The service offers inclination data within 1 ft of the bit. This information is transmitted through electromagnetic telemetry to an integrated receiver sub positioned above the downhole motor.

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 measurement while drilling
SlimPulse Provides Real-Time, Continuous Measurements Under Extreme Bottomhole Conditions