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Proven track records in HT drilling worldwide

Schlumberger is the most experienced high-temperature (HT) service provider in the world with a suite of best-in-class technologies, procedures, and HT-certified engineers. We engineer, manufacture, and operate directional drilling and MLWD services, turbines, hydraulic jars, and drilling fluids rated for HT environments. In this history of technology development, we have collaborated closely with the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and the United States National Energy Technology Laboratory to develop and test technology rated to 200 degC [400 degF].

Neyrfor Turbodrills are rated to 260 degC [500 degF] and PowerPak HT motors to 190 degC [375 degF]. PowerDrive X6 HT RSS and the majority of Schlumberger BHA components are rated to 175 degC [350 degF]. Add M-I SWACO HT drilling fluid services, and HT operational risk is substantially reduced.

Our wide range of drilling services has a successful track record for HT applications, and our field engineers and maintenance personnel are fully HT certified. Before and after each job, tools undergo the rigorous Schlumberger HT Drilling Maintenance Procedures to ensure optimal performance. Field personnel plan and execute operations according to stringent HT Drilling Operations Procedures.

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Date Title Challenge Products Society
Mar 2013 New HTHP Cutter Technology Coupled with FEA-Based Bit Selection System Improves ROP by 60% in Abrasive Zubair Formation High Pressure, High Temperature ONYX II Premium PDC Cutters Other Society
Mar 2013 Drilling Optimization in Deep Tight Gas Field Unconventional Resources, High Pressure, High Temperature, Exploration IADC
Oct 2012 A Significant MWD Tool Signal Strength Improvement: Another Advantage of Using a Treated Micronized Barite Drilling Fluid System Exploration WARP Fluids Technology SPE
Jun 2012 A New Generation of Well Surveillance for Early Detection of Gains and Losses When Drilling Very High Profile Ultradeepwater Wells, Improving Safety, and Optimizing Operating Procedures Deep Water, High Pressure, High Temperature Flag SPE
Mar 2012 New HTHP Technology for Geothermal Application Significantly Increases On-Bottom Drilling Hours High Pressure, High Temperature, Exploration SPE

Drilling & Measurements Technologies