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Choose the best drill bit for your application from the broadest portfolio in the oil and gas industry. Using the most advanced design technology, Smith Bits can optimize any bit to fit your specific drilling needs. Our IDEAS integrated drillbit design platform enables us to develop industry-leading bits that continually push the boundaries of performance and reliability for every application. Please contact your local representative to find out how we can help maximize your drilling solution.

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ONYX 360 Cutters Enable You to Drill Farther

ONYX 360
When compared with fixed-cutter-only bits, PDC bits that included ONYX 360 rolling cutters demonstrated run length increases of up to 57%, resulting in fewer bit trips and lower drilling costs.
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Conical Diamond Technology Increases Bit Performance

Stinger Cutter Element
PDC bits with a Stinger conical diamond element demonstrated greater wear resistance, and increased ROP as much as 46%, when compared with standard PDC bits in durability tests.
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Learn more about Schlumberger PDC and roller cone bit technologies at quarterly customer training sessions in Houston, Texas.
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