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Impact tools reduce risk of expensive equipment loss

Our impact tools, such as drilling jars and accelerators, can significantly reduce the risk of loss of expensive equipment and the substantial costs of plugging back and sidetracking.

AP Impact System

Hydra-Jar AP Double-Acting Hydraulic Drilling Jar

Accelerator AP Impact Tool

HydraQuaker Hydraulic Drilling Jar

Hydra-Stroke Bumper Sub

Shock Sub

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Drilling Jar and Impact Tool Recover Stuck BHA on First Attempt in Oman

Jarring operation avoids sidetracking and redrilling, saving more than USD 1.3 million.
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Jarring Assembly Frees Stuck BHA on First Attempt in Oman

Hydra-Jar AP
Tools positioned with the Jar-Pact software recovered stuck BHA on the first attempt, with less than half the anticipated jarring time, saving over 1.3 million. Read case study