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MegaStir offers the latest in friction stir welding tools and technology. Designed for endurance and quality welding, MegaStir tools consistently produce top quality, high strength welds in a single pass. With its proprietary cooling design, the MegaStir tool holder draws heat away from the tool and keeps the tool at a steady temperature, even when welding at higher temperatures.

MegaStir tools come in a wide variety of sizes, hardness and tip material so you can get the perfect tool for the job. Since PCBN is the second-hardest material on earth and is thermally stable at elevated temperatures, the MegaStir patented PCBN tips let you friction stir weld the hardest steel, stainless steel and nickel-based alloys. MegaStir uniquely offers a friction stir spot welding tool for high temperature applications as well. More economical tools are available for aluminum and lower temperature welding.

MegaStir tools let you manage your welds through position, force, and temperature control. Controlling the temperature of both the tool and the weld is critical in order to maintain tool integrity and weld strength. With a thermocouple in the tool holder, all MegaStir tools have a receptive port for the thermocouple near the tool tip, allowing for a highly accurate reading of both tool and material temperature. The thermocouple wire from the tool holder slides into the tool itself, so you can monitor and maintain temperature while the tool is rotating. Because concentricity and run-out are key elements in friction stir welding, all MegaStir tools have a precision tungsten carbide shank which transmits the torque from the shank through the tool tip.

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MegaStir is ISO 9001 Certified

MegaStir ISO 9001 Certificate