Friction Stir Welding Services

MegaStir has a full metallurgical lab that enables us to offer a variety of friction stir welding production services—from R&D through prototyping, alloy development, and full production.

Full-production FSW

Our expertise in friction stir welding (FSW) and access to high-end machinery allows for a wide range of capabilities—from simple-plate welding for mechanical and metallurgical samples to long welds and complex geometries—available for all alloys. Our continuously expanding services encompass circumferential welds, full- and partial-penetration, and single-pass friction stir welds up to 25 mm in thickness.

Friction bit joining

Used primarily in the automotive industry, friction bit joining is a proprietary friction spot welding technique developed by MegaStir. This method is used to join steels and dissimilar metals and uses a consumable bit that first cuts through a specific material then joins the parts together.


Our full prototyping facilities and on-staff engineers can develop and prototype parts and components.


The higher-strength steels that are increasingly used in pipelines provide cost savings but also introduce welding difficulties. To accommodate evolving industry trends, MegaStir FSW is under constant development to allow thicker-section welding. Single-pass welding of API grades of steel is being developed for thicknesses up to 1 inch.

Custom machines

MegaStir can design and build oil pipeline FSW machines, friction bit joining machines, or any other FSW machine for your specific job.

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