N2W Nonweldable to Weldable

The N2W process involves combining dissimilar alloys that are problematic to weld or bond together. N2W technology uses the friction stir welding process to lock in high-abrasive-wear or thermally resilient surfaces to substrate via conventional welding processes or fastening methods.

This process primarily targets high-wear applications where materials depend on threaded features, adhesives, or mechanical joining methods.

N2W parts are subjected to 1,475-degF [800-degC] testing and shear pressures of up to 21,750 psi [150 MPa]. Because it is a higher-quality joining process, N2W technology reduces production downtime.

MegaStir has successfully welded components for use in mining, oil and gas, construction and other industries. MegaStir is able to support customer fabrication through our contract services, or provide feasibility studies.

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