Frac Balls

High-strength friction stir–welded tools that help ensure effective, reliable fracturing operations

The fracturing phase can involve plugging off different stages using frac balls, which must be strong, lightweight, and buoyant in drilling fluid. While conventional frac balls are made of unweldable materials, patented MegaStir frac balls are composed of 7075 and 7068 aluminum alloys that are friction stir welded (FSW) into hollow spheres.

Engineered materials improve reliability

Typically used in the aviation and aerospace industries, 7000 Series aluminum alloy provides the greatest compressive strength available today. These advanced alloys are light-weight for optimal flowback and are less susceptible to dimpling for enhanced unseating after the fracturing process is complete.

Uniform granularity optimizes structure strength

The FSW process instills a higher strength and differential pressure rating compared with conventional frac balls. This unique joining process does not liquefy the metal but instead blends the faying surfaces via a pin tool that plunges. The result provides a fine-grain structure similar to the parent material, with uniform mechanical properties throughout the ball structure.


  • Available in diameter increments from 0.075 in to 4 in
  • Custom specific gravity
  • Very tight tolerances on roundness and dimensional specification
  • Hard anodized or nickel finish coating provided
  • High compressive strength while providing low back pressure to unseat

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