Friction Stir Spot Welding

For low-temperature applications, the friction stir spot welding tool is available as a single solid tungsten carbide unit.

Tool Holder & Tips

For higher temperature steel applications, the friction stir spot welding tool comes with a smaller steel tool holder and with separate tips with PCBN and CMM tips.


Compatible with all MegaStir friction stir welding tools.

Part Number Pin Length Description
MS45014 0.5 mm Solid friction stir spot welding unit made from tungsten carbide with 16-mm shank and PCBN tip
Available in 25-mm, 50-mm, and 1-in shanks. Drawbar connections available in English- and metric-threaded connections.

Part Number Description
MS60201 Tungsten carbide friction stir spot welding tip holder with custom tip
Specify shoulder size, M Series or Q Series tip material, and pin size. Custom pin lengths available. 16-mm shank standard (custom sizes on request).

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Friction Stir Spot Welding Tool

Spot welding
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