Friction Stir Welding D Series

Deburring tool

This time-saving tool provides deburring, burnishing, milling, and sanding during the welding process. Attaching directly to the MegaStir tool holder, it finishes the weld without any extra processing time.

  • Operates on a pivot system or fixed cutter system
  • Cleans off flash without interfering with the welding process


Compatible with MegaStir liquid-cooled tool holder. Available with Q Series and M Series tips. For use in high-temperature applications.

Part Number Pin Length
MS-D-001 1 mm
MS-D-002 2 mm
MS-D-003 3 mm
MS-D-004 4 mm
MS-D-005 5 mm
MS-D-006 6 mm
MS-D-007 7 mm
MS-D-008 8 mm
MS-D-009 9 mm
MS-D-010 10 mm
MS-D-011 11 mm
MS-D-012 12 mm
MS-D-019 19 mm
MS-D-020 20 mm

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D Series

D series

Deburr Tool

Deburr tool
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