Friction Stir Welding DuraStir

Tungsten EWI

Tools developed by EWI provide high-quality welds primarily in titanium alloys as well as other ferrous and nonferrous alloys.

  • Versatile designs accommodate thin and thick applications
  • Redressable features extend the life of the tool
  • Pin lengths of up to 25 mm
  • Special designs and custom features available from MegaStir


Contact MegaStir for customized designs.

Part Number Pin Length
MS-W-001 1 mm
MS-W-002 2 mm
MS-W-003 3 mm
MS-W-004 4 mm
MS-W-005 5 mm
MS-W-006 6 mm
MS-W-007 7 mm
MS-W-008 8 mm
MS-W-009 9 mm
MS-W-010 10 mm
MS-W-011 11 mm
MS-W-012 12 mm
MS-W-019 19 mm
MS-W-020 20 mm
MS-W-025 25 mm

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