Friction Stir Welding A Series

Adjustable tool

The A Series is an excellent option for higher strength or thicker aluminum welds with adjustable pins.

  • MP159 tip
  • H13 shank and shoulder
  • Interchangeable pins with different design features and adjustable lengths to allow for flexibility in welding different alloys and thicknesses


Available shoulder diameters are 25 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm, and custom. Specify shank size of 1 inch, 25 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm, or custom size. Specify C4 or MM threading. For custom pin sizes, contact MegaStir.

Part Number Pin Length
MS-A-005 1–5 mm
MS-A-010 6–10 mm
MS-A-015 11–15 mm
MS-A-020 16–20 mm

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A Series, T Series, and P Series

A series

Adjustable Tool

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