Friction Stir Welding P Series

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tool

Used for extreme wear in low temperature applications, the P Series tool has the hardest tip available.

  • Tungsten carbide shank
  • Polycrystalline diamond tip (~4,000 Vickers hardness)
  • Low temperature applications or abrasive applications in lower melt materials (aluminums)


Tool is composed of a polycrystalline diamond pin and shoulder with a tungsten carbide shank. Available shoulder diameters are 25 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm, and custom. Specify shank size of 1 inch, 25 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm, or custom size. Specify C4 or MM threading. For custom pin sizes, contact MegaStir.

Part Number Pin Length
MS-P-001 1 mm
MS-P-002 2 mm
MS-P-003 3 mm
MS-P-004 4 mm
MS-P-005 5 mm
MS-P-006 6 mm
MS-P-007 7 mm
MS-P-008 8 mm
MS-P-009 9 mm
MS-P-010 10 mm
MS-P-011 11 mm
MS-P-012 12 mm
MS-P-019 19 mm
MS-P-020 20 mm

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