Oil & Gas Drilling Tools

MegaStir offers downhole solutions for high wear applications. We are able to offer our customers a variety of sizes, and configurations to meet rigorous operation. All drilling stabilizers offer integral tungsten carbide that can be customized to customer requirements.

Solutions include:

  • Straight, and Spiral Blade, Replaceable Sleeve, Non-Rotating, Spherical, Variable Diameter, and Unbalanced Stabilizer designs.
  • Refurbishment is a possible solution due to the unique tungsten carbide cassette solution.
  • N2W™ is a unique manufacturing process developed by MegaStir to secure tungsten carbide into place using Friction Stir Welding. The process allows larger carbide sections and configurations.
  • Other applications are available to the Oil & Gas downhole industry for Hole Openers, Reamers, Collars and others.

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