From Drilling through Production, We Are Focused on Our Customers

M-I SWACO equip our customers with the systems and technologies that enable them to meet their needs at every stage of the drilling process through ensuring efficient and profitable production. We provide drilling fluid systems engineered to improve drilling performance by anticipating fluids-related problems, fluid systems and specialty tools designed to optimize wellbore productivity, production technology solutions to maximize production rates, and environmental solutions that safely manage waste volumes generated in both drilling and production operations.

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Services & Products

Unparalleled Debris Removal for CT Operations

impaCT Integrated Debris Removal Service
The impaCT service includes a uniquely formulated fluid system, a coiled tubing-specific ferrous debris extraction magnet, and a mobile closed-loop pressure and solids control system—all in a compact package requiring only a single mixing tank. Visit impaCT Integrated Wellbore Preparation Service page

Accurate, Precise Control for MPD & UBD Applications

DAPC Dynamic Annular Pressure Control System
Proactive and reactive pressure control services for managed pressure drilling and underbalanced operations.
Visit Drilling Pressure Control page

I-BOSS Wellbore
Strengthening While Drilling

I-BOSS Spotlight TN
I-BOSS wellbore strengthening focuses on avoiding losses and increasing the apparent fracture gradient through a combination of strengthening the wellbore by sealing the fracture.
Visit I-BOSS page