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With over 13,000 employees in more than 75 countries around the world, M-I SWACO is a vital part of the world’s hydrocarbon exploration and production industry. We are the leading supplier of drilling fluid systems engineered to improve drilling performance by anticipating fluids-related problems, fluid systems and specialty tools designed to optimize wellbore productivity, production technology solutions to maximize production rates, and environmental solutions that safely manage waste volumes generated in both drilling and production operations.

In August 2010, M-I SWACO became part of Schlumberger through its merger with Smith International. The primary driver behind this merger is drilling optimization. In order to sustain and increase world oil and gas production, higher levels of drilling will be necessary in increasingly challenging and complex environments. This means wells with longer and more complex profiles. Understanding the technical challenges and mitigating the consequent risk in advance of a drilling program can mean major cost savings and well performance improvement for our customers. M-I SWACO will play a critical part in meeting these challenges.

From its earliest roots, M-I SWACO recognized that it best served its clients, not by delivering drilling fluid products to the client’s location, but by anticipating and planning for how those products would behave in the downhole environment, both to optimize drilling performance and to minimize the risk associated with fluids-related problems.

Drilling Fluid Systems & Products. This is the very foundation of our business.  We have continued to develop solutions for drilling that help out clients maximize Rate Of Penetration (ROP), eliminate Non-Productive Time (NPT), achieve QHSE performance objectives, and obtain quality data from the wellbore. We strengthen our systems and products by providing regionally and globally based experts to support the application of M-I SWACO technology, and by developing new technology and process solutions to optimize client results.

Completion Systems, Fluids & Tools. Our focus here is the safeguarding of well completions and formation stability by delivering techniques, technologies, fluids, tools and expertise that ensure the optimal condition of the wellbore and fluid systems.  Everything in our product line is rooted in our conviction that a clean wellbore, properly prepared, is the foundation for higher production and longer service over the life of your well.

Solids Control Systems & Products. One of the most effective ways to reduce drilling costs is to maintain drilling-fluid condition at an optimum level.  Controlling the amount and types of solids present in the fluid system, as well as fluid temperatures, can result in higher ROP, fewer lost-circulation problems and a reduction in well-control incidents.  We have developed a range of equipment and technologies that help our clients remove efficiency-robbing solids and keep the materials that boost productivity: lost-circulation and wellbore-strengthening products.  We can provide solids-control solutions that range from a single piece of equipment to an entire integrated fluids-processing system.

Pressure Control, Frac Flowback & Well Testing.  Whether you are involved with  conventional or unconventional drilling activities, controlling wellbore pressure is a major concern.  M-I SWACO has expanded its capabilities to answer the needs of operators who are drilling, qualifying and developing shale reservoirs.  We can even help you maintain your pipelines for optimum productivity and maximum safety.  With products that range from single-purpose equipment to complete pressure- and fluid-management systems, M-I SWACO can help you succeed under pressure.

Drilling Waste Management. From the moment drill cuttings come out of the wellbore, they begin costing you money.  Minimizing their impact on profits is a matter of efficient handling and effective treatment.  – precisely the point where M-I SWACO can help.  We can design and deliver systems that collect cuttings while isolating them from your crew members fro QHSE safety.  Our collection containers can provide temporary cuttings storage on offshore rigs during foul weather.  M-I SWACO treatment technologies give you several options for reducing the environmental impact of your drill cuttings, from drying to injection, thermal treatment and bioremediation.

Waste Management. Properly managing well-related waste products other than cuttings is a growing concern for the oil and gas industry. Environmental regulations have classified virtually everything coming from a well as hazardous and therefore in need of some type of treatment. M-I SWACO has developed treatment technologies for treating and even recycling produced water, creating big savings for operators working in tight shales where water is scarce. Separating and treating oily emulsions for recovery, cleaning purposes and/or disposal is another M-I SWACO specialty that is saving operators millions of dollars daily worldwide.

Process Control & Rig Instrumentation. As drilling costs have risen and concerns for worker safety have increased, M-I SWACO has taken an active part in developing process-control systems for a variety of applications. With our Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems, operations personnel can set upper and lower performance parameters, or pre-set timed operations, for equipment that previously had to be manually operated and monitored. Benefits include keeping workers out of potentially hazardous environments, reduced personnel requirements and improved equipment performance. Our SG-Smart* data-acquisition system and advanced driller’s monitoring system can accurately measure, monitor and display all drilling variables in real time.

Production Technologies. The same care we take with the drilling and completion of a well motivates our approach to producing wells.  Our line of specialty production chemicals includes corrosion inhibitors, defoamers, demulsifiers, hydrate inhibitors, pipeline drag reducers and more.  We’ve developed technologies for managing produced water and sand as well as chemicals, equipment and processes for sweetening sour gas.  The M-I SWACO ecotoxicological laboratory backs up our field work with sophisticated testing and product-certification methodologies that ensure the safety and efficacy of our products.

Horizontal Directional Drilling, Mining & Waterwell. Wherever you work, you can depend on M-I SWACO HDD Mining & Waterwell specialists to keep your projects on target. As the leading provider of dulling-fluid sys­tems and additives, solids-control equipment, and engineering services, we have the knowledge and resources to custom-design solutions to meet the unique requirements of your project, regardless of its complexity. We have developed specialty products that meet the needs of horizontal directional drilling, mining operations and waterwell drilling. Our highly trained drilling-fluid specialists have worldwide experience in delivering 24-hr, onsite expertise.

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