Commitment to our Environment

M-I SWACO people operate with an awareness of the environment and a sense of responsibility for protecting it. This awareness has guided and driven a company-wide program of product development, refinement and application focused on protection and sustainability.

In practical terms, this means that long before any M-I SWACO product receives approval for use, we make sure that its components, both separately and together, are thoroughly understood. We operate specialized laboratories, including a greenhouse, where our environmental specialists conduct exhaustive tests for toxicity, biodegradation, recyclability, reuse and more. In some cases, spent products are tested for beneficial use in non-oilfield-related applications such as land farming or soil amendment.

On a larger scale, our environmental emphasis and expertise are guiding forces behind the company’s focus on ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS*. As we examine the total impact a well can have, and all the ways in which we can give our customers more value, we are also discovering ways to benefit the environment.

Prime examples of this philosophy can be seen in our line of production chemicals and our Ecotoxicological Laboratory in Bergen, Norway. Both are helping M-I SWACO fulfill its mission of being regarded by customers, regulatory authorities and employees as the one, global solutions provider that puts a high priority on protecting the environment as not only a part of our business, but as a way of life.

Through M-I SWACO ENVIROCENTER facilities, we help operators reclaim and reuse drilling and completion fluids, process separated water and safely clean holding tanks on supply vessels. The ENVIROCENTER concept gives operators an environmentally proven solution for working in highly regulated areas where zero discharge and waste minimization are high priorities.

Because protecting the earth and its resources is about the future as well as the present, our people work with universities and governments to train scientists who will understand the unique circumstances and science of our industry for years to come.

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