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M-I SWACO is an industry leader of products, services and expertise for managing your drilling, completion and production operations. Whether drilling offshore West Africa, managing drilling waste in Kazakhstan, managing production of a North Sea reservoir or working in mines in Wyoming, our customers depend on M-I SWACO to help them complete their job on time, at cost and without undue challenges.

Drilling Fluid Systems  & Products

Wherever our customers are drilling, offshore or on, anywhere in the world, M-I SWACO has a comprehensive collection of drilling fluid systems and technologies to meet your specific needs. From standard water-base and oil-base fluids to complex systems designed to mitigate drilling challenges ranging from fluid loss to HPHT wells, M-I SWACO can provide the exact solution, thanks to our comprehensive selection of drilling fluid systems and products.

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Solids Control, Pressure Control & Waste Management

Dealing with the high volumes of solids and fluids produced while drilling is only part of today’s Drilling Waste Management story. M-I SWACO offers a proactive approach that provides new opportunities to reduce the consumption of resources, and increase their reuse. Alongside compliance with environmental regulations, our solutions help customers improve performance by providing customized solutions to manage their drilling waste challenges.

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Completion Fluid Systems & Products, Reservoir Drill-In Fluids, Breakers, Filtration  & Specialized Tools

From industry-leading engineering and simulation software and Specialized Tools to help clean and prepare a wellbore for production to a comprehensive line of reservoir drill-in fluids, completion fluids and chemicals, M-I SWACO is prepared to help our customers complete their wells in less time, with less cost and fewer hassles. When it is time to complete your well, M-I SWACO has the tools to put you ahead.

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HDD, Mining & Waterwell

Wherever you work - in mines hundreds of feet below the earth or coring jobs at the surface - you can depend on M-I SWACO HDD Mining & Waterwell specialists to keep your projects on target. Our highly trained drilling-fluid specialists have worldwide experience in delivering 24-hr, onsite engineering services that no competitor can match. As an operating group of M-I SWACO, HDD Mining & Waterwell provides drilling fluids, solids-control and drilling waste management equipment and services.

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