M-I SWACO publishes Momentum for employees, customers, and key suppliers. Each quarterly publication features a location or industry relevant topic and contains sections highlighting the M-I SWACO employees, technologies, business, and QHSE programs and awards.

Each issue contains perpetual sections and stories. The people section includes an "Up Close" interview, career development and training information, and milestone anniversaries. The technology section contains information related to M-I SWACO products, trade shows and conferences, and patents and papers from the quarter. In the business section, readers find stories related to The Blue Print and M-I SWACO services. The QHSE section recognizes employees receiving safety awards from customers and provides insight for Continuous Improvement, Demand Planning, and STEM.

Momentum is available for download as a PDF document.

Momentum Volume 17 Issue 4 2014

This quarter explores the Environmental Solutions (ES) sub-Segment and the M-I SWACO 24 by 7 initiative. The Up Close interview with Brian Hunter and Steve Williams provides insight into the future of the ES. In the great north, Christopher Sittlow achieves Firefighter 1 Status and there is a crew change at the Prudhoe Bay Mud Plant. Also included is a list of service anniversaries. Relating to our business, the WoLFE Team assists with a Dynamic Pressure Management (DPM) prototype testing and research. The bond between the Chad Ministry of Petroleum and Schlumberger is strengthened with a collaborative project. Managed pressure drilling (MPD) reduces costs on challenging ultra-high temperature wells in Thailand. M-I SWACO technology continues to provide solutions with the WELL SCAVENGER debris recovery tool, MD-3 triple-deck shale shaker, ATC technology, and ISOTHERM NT IPF all making a splash. Continuous Improvement (CI), Demand Planning, and Standard Equipment Maintenance (STEM) all make an appearance – congrats Jerry Duncan for being recognized as a CI Master. In Malaysia, they are celebrating three years with no LTIs on ATC technology. APG received recognition from APPEA. Read about these great achievements and more in the Q4 issue.

Momentum Volume 17 Issue 3 2014

This quarter celebrates the four-year anniversary of the merger with Schlumberger. The feature of the issue follows six employees previously part of M-I SWACO who have now moved into greater Schlumberger. This issue focuses on collaboration between the Segments and contains an Up Close interview with Jose Firmo and Marcelo Amaral in Brazil. Regular sections include Anniversaries, Patents & Papers, Tradeshows & Conferences, and Training courses held during the quarter. Make sure to read the Blue Print section featuring Susana Quirch.

Momentum Volume 17 Issue 2 2014

High pressure, high temperature (HPHT) drilling is a growing market for M-I SWACO. This issue features global stories about HPHT, M-I SWACO technology, ALPINE, and HDD MINING & WATERWELL. Read the Up Close interview with MEA VP Gary Cole, short interviews with the MEA DS Lab Engineers, and find out how Rick Kessner is living the Blue Print in the Williston Basin. Find out more about the implementation of Do It Right in M-I SWACO. Read about Demand Planning in the Middle East and the kick-off in Norway, Denmark, and UK. Find out what you need to ask a Continuous Improvement Star Thrower. Don’t forget to congratulate those celebrating an anniversary this quarter!

Momentum Volume 17 Issue 1 2014

Deepwater drilling presents new challenges for the drilling industry, and M‑I SWACO offers a variety of solutions. This issue features several products and services that solve many of the deepwater challenges clients face today. Read about how Paulo Ricci’s work/life balance helps him build a relationship with his daughter while he works offshore. An interview with Andrew Wilke and Barry Simpson provides details about the Deepwater Certification Program. Learn more about new M‑I SWACO President Guy Arrington in the Up Close interview. Salamat Gumarov shares a success story about NORM treatment design in West Africa. Viacheslav Anokhin provides details about the CRI sub-surface approach in Russia. Read about the MD-2 dual-deck shaker. Get the STEM update. As always, find out more about Continuous Improvement, Demand Planning, Q-STOP, Awards, and Anniversaries.

Momentum Volume 16 Issue 4 2013

M‑I SWACO is continuously making improvements to better serve the customer and to provide a safe working environment for their employees. This issue reviews the entire year, but more importantly covers many topics related to QHSE: My CI and Demand Planning, as well as an interview with Alan McLean, Jerry Duncan, and Mark Stoller. Multiple locations submitted updates on their journey to reach STEM Tier 1 status; some have reached their goal, while other locations are still striving. Many M‑I SWACO employees are receiving recognition awards for safety, and one employee saved a man’s life with the help of other people on the rig.

Momentum Volume 16 Issue 3 2013

M‑I SWACO has had a presence in Russia for 20 years. The Russia and Central Asia (RCA) area covers a large area where both offshore and land operations actively occur. Volzhskiy is home to the RCA Learning Center and R&D center. Nearby Volgograd is headquarter for IKF-SERVICES, an M‑I SWACO owned drilling fluid company.

Momentum Volume 16 Issue 2 2013

Florence, Kentucky is a Schlumberger Center of Excellence, for shakers and chokes, and headquarters of SWECO. Through Continuous Improvement, changes have been made as the location streamlines processes and expands. The manufacturing technology used in Florence is impressive and includes a 3-D laser, Zeiss programmable CMM and robot welders.

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