M-I SWACO publishes Momentum for employees, customers, and key suppliers. Each quarterly publication features a location or industry relevant topic and contains sections highlighting the M-I SWACO employees, technologies, business, and QHSE programs and awards.

Each issue contains perpetual sections and stories. The people section includes an "Up Close" interview, career development and training information, and milestone anniversaries. The technology section contains information related to M-I SWACO products, trade shows and conferences, and patents and papers from the quarter. In the business section, readers find stories related to The Blue Print and M-I SWACO services. The QHSE section recognizes employees receiving safety awards from customers and provides insight for Continuous Improvement, Demand Planning, and STEM.

Momentum is available for download as a PDF document.

Momentum Volume 16 Issue 4 2013

M-I SWACO is continuously making improvements to better serve the customer and to provide a safe working environment for their employees. This issue reviews the entire year, but more importantly covers many topics related to QHSE: My CI and Demand Planning, as well as an interview with Alan McLean, Jerry Duncan, and Mark Stoller. Multiple locations submitted updates on their journey to reach STEM Tier 1 status; some have reached their goal, while other locations are still striving. Many M-I SWACO employees are receiving recognition awards for safety, and one employee saved a man’s life with the help of other people on the rig.

Momentum Volume 16 Issue 3 2013

M-I SWACO has had a presence in Russia for 20 years. The Russia and Central Asia (RCA) area covers a large area where both offshore and land operations actively occur. Volzhskiy is home to the RCA Learning Center and R&D center. Nearby Volgograd is headquarter for IKF-SERVICES, an M-I SWACO owned drilling fluid company.

Momentum Volume 16 Issue 2 2013

Florence, Kentucky is a Schlumberger Center of Excellence, for shakers and chokes, and headquarters of SWECO. Through Continuous Improvement, changes have been made as the location streamlines processes and expands. The manufacturing technology used in Florence is impressive and includes a 3-D laser, Zeiss programmable CMM and robot welders.

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