QHSE Management System

The strength of a company's commitment to health, safety and the environment is determined by the conviction of its management and the execution of its QHSE system by all of its employees. We are determined to be the leader in QHSE performance in the industry.

Element One: Commitment, Leadership, and Accountability

Element One of the QHSE Management System defines the M-I SWACO commitments to health, safety and the environment at both a Company and personal level. Our employees are the Company's most important asset. The Company's ultimate goal is to eliminate all injuries and environmental incidents from the work place.

Element Two: Policies and Objectives

The policies are M-I SWACO global statements of intent for health, safety and environmental protection. As a Company and on an individual employee level, we will monitor and measure our QHSE performance to ensure that we are continually meeting objectives and improving the system.

Element Three: Organization and Responsibilities

Every individual employee is individually responsible for working safely, in an environmentally responsible manner and ensuring that fellow employees do the same.

Element Four: Design and Planning

Good QHSE practices do not just happen. They have to be properly planned and executed. No job is so urgent or so important that it is worth the risk of injury to any individual or damage to the environment. The Company's goal is to eliminate significant risk during the planning process.

Element Five: Risk Assessment and Management

Risk assessment and risk management are a pro-active, aggressive approach to QHSE issues. Rather than focusing on accident statistics, the Company focuses primarily on the identification of hazards, the assessment of risks and the control of those risks to prevent accidents from happening.

Element Six: Contractor and Supplier Management

The Company must ensure that third parties meet the standards of excellence M-I SWACO and our customers require. We are judged not only on the performance of our employees but also on the overall performance of our contractors.

Element Seven: Safe Systems of Work

Safe systems of work include both safety and occupational health issues. Element Seven provides information and guidance on safety issues related to the purchase and use of work equipment, work permits, lockout/tagout, confined-space entry, transport of hazardous materials, driver safety and other key safety issues. The occupational health section covers information and guidance on medical services, personnel exposure to physical, chemical and biological hazards and more specific issues such as the safe handling of drilling and completion fluids.

Element Eight: Documentation and Performance Reviews

Element Eight details a complete system for incident reporting, documentation and investigation. By maintaining detailed, accurate records M-I SWACO will target, measure and report on specific operations so we can benchmark our performance and make sure that M-I SWACO is always improving.

Element Nine: Monitoring and Continual Improvement

Element Nine provides a system of assessment, monitoring and continuous improvement of the QHSE Management System itself. The information obtained during assessments (both comprehensive inspections and audits) is used to improve performance.

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