Our Commitment to REACH

REACH is in line with the M-I SWACO QHSE Management System (reducing impact to human health and environment) and we recognize the positive message that REACH legislation will bring across the chemical industry. Complying with the REACH legislation will be our number one priority.

We will also be working to protect our technology, through the identification/substitution of hazardous chemicals, and those which will be risk due to economic factors. Key to these steps will be communicating with our suppliers to understand and agree the steps both parties need to take. In addition, we also recognize the need to reduce complexity in our product line, and the need to integrate REACH into our ongoing change management processes.

Ensuring full continuity of business relationships throughout implementation of REACH is of up-most concern to M-I SWACO. We are committed to REACH. We wish to assure you that M-I SWACO will pre-register all substances we manufacture and import into the EU for which we are obligated. A plan is in place to allow us to make a thorough assessment of which products are likely to be impacted more than others and the necessary steps will be taken to assure all our customers that the relevant data will be gathered for full registration.