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Integrated suite of technologies from reservoir drill-in fluids to cleanup tools

M-I SWACO offers an integrated suite of completion technologies comprising  value-added completion and reservoir drill-in fluids, additives, cleanup tools, and filtration and associated engineering services. M-I SWACO refined the engineering of completion fluids and associated technologies that accelerate and maximize production with minimal health, safety, and environment (HSE) impact. Together, they provide you a seamless and cost-effective solution for optimizing productivity throughout the drilling, workover, and completion processes.

Our advanced and all-inclusive planning, execution, and monitoring process ensures minimal formation damage that could restrict production. Our understanding of the chemical and mechanical synergies is reflected in a wide range of wellbore cleanup tools and chemicals. The end result is a clean and unobstructed wellbore, delivered in a single, cost-effective process.

M-I SWACO offers the industry’s most complete line  of minimally damaging completion and reservoir drill-in fluids and additives. Our comprehensive suite of additives includes breakers, defoamers, viscosifiers, filtration aids, lubricants, shale inhibitors, scavengers, surfactants, and corrosion inhibitors.

M-I SWACO completion technologies focus on total reservoir management to give you

  • A clean producing zone
  • Minimal formation damage
  • Lower NPT
  • Maximum production faster
  • Longer productive life
  • Reduced costs and HSE impact.

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WELL COMMANDER Saves Brazil Operator $1 Million

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The WELL COMMANDER tool saved 24 hours or $300,000 of non-drilling time/cost and over $700,000 in lost mud that would have been consumed making two round trips to address lost circulation problems.
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Thorough Removal
of Filter Cake

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