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High-temperature filtration additive for water-based drilling fluids

DUAL‐FLO HT high‐temperature, filtration‐control additive is a special modified starch derivative used in FLOPRO NT, and other water‐base systems. When used in conjunction with a bridging agent such as sized calcium carbonate or sized salt, it provides a thin, pliable, easily removed filtercake under high‐temperature conditions.

DUAL‐FLO HT additive is a non‐ionic, acid‐soluble material especially suited for fluids containing salts or ion‐sensitive additives. DUAL‐FLO HT additive acts synergistically with FLO‐VIS* PLUS or FLO‐VIS NT viscosifiers to enhance the low‐shear‐rate viscosity (LSRV) of the FLOPRO NT system.

DUAL‐FLO HT additive is used to reduce fluid loss in the FLOPRO NT system and other water‐base systems. It is highly effective in applications with bottom hole temperature greater than 250°F (121°C). DUAL‐FLO HT additive contributes improved fluid‐loss control and enhanced elevated low‐shear‐rate viscosities compared to conventional fluid‐loss additives. DUAL‐FLO HT additive may be used in freshwater and most brines including seawater, NaCl, KCl, CaCl2, NaBr, CaBr2, ZnBr2 and formate salt systems. DUAL‐FLO HT additive resists calcium contamination over a wide pH range and may be used at temperatures >250°F (121°C).


  • DUAL‐FLO HT high‐temperature filtration control additive provides a thin, pliable, easily removed filtercake which minimizes formation damage and facilitates cleanup during completion
  • Provides filtration control at temperatures >250°F (121°C)
  • Acts synergistically with FLO‐VIS PLUS viscosifier to enhance LSRV
  • Easily digested with starch‐specific enzymes used for filtercake removal, such as WELLZYME A enzyme
  • Not adversely affected by salinity, and functions over a wide range of water chemistry
  • Acid soluble
  • Works in high‐density brines, e.g., CaCl2, CaBr2 and ZnBr2

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