Bentonite extender for all non-dispersed muds

GELEX is a bentonite extender and selected flocculant for all non-dispersed, polymer and low-solids water- based drilling fluids. The GELEX bentonite extender is a flocculating polymer capable of doubling the yield of bentonite used to formulate low-solids, non-dispersed systems.

GELEX has the ability to provide increased viscosity without an excessive amount of clay solids. It is used most often in low-hardness, freshwater fluids.


With its twofold yield, GELEX can maintain a given viscosity with one-half the normal clay solids. This makes GELEX an excellent additive for low-solids drilling fluids. GELEX also tends to cause reactive drill solids, especially fine silty ones, to form agglomerates and settle out. This further enhances its use as an additive in either weighted or unweighted, nondispersed drilling fluid systems. It can be used as a selective flocculant.

GELEX offers effective filtration control alternative to asphalt and gilsonite products. It is applicable to all oil‐base and synthetic‐base systems and is compatible with other additives.

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