Drilling Fluid Systems

Solutions for all drilling applications

M-I SWACO leads the industry in engineering drilling fluid systems and additives that improve efficiencies, reduce costs and minimize HSE impact. We customize drilling fluid systems and associated additives to reduce NPT in the most demanding applications, including HTHP, deepwater and depleted wells. M-I SWACO is widely recognized for developing solutions for downhole problems, from the simple to the complex. We were the first to introduce cost-effective and high efficiency micronized barite technology to water and oil-based drilling fluids.

A leader in R&D, we develop drilling fluid systems for specific applications, such as deepwater, shale gas and heavy oil extraction. Complementing our drilling fluid systems are specialized additives that optimize efficiencies by targeting performance-impacting downhole problems that increase costs.

The formulation of the base fluid and additives is tailored for the specific well construction application with the primary objectives of:

  • Maintaining wellbore stability
  • Optimizing ROP and overall drilling efficiency
  • Decreasing non-productive time (NPT)
  • Maximizing production
  • Reducing costs
  • Minimizing HSE footprint

Water-Base Drilling Fluid Systems

Nonaqueous Fluid Systems

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