Drilling Fluid Simulation Software

Suite of proprietary engineering packages to improve drilling efficiencies

One of the areas that has long set M-I SWACO apart is the development of proprietary, purpose-built engineering software. Our VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS hydraulics monitoring and modeling software has been the industry standard for helping mitigate drilling problems.

Our Applied Engineering group continues to take VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS to the next generation to provide even more cost-effective solutions to downhole problems.  For real-time drilling problems, the PRESSPRO RT service delivers in-time solutions: effective ECD management, optimized well planning and tripping/casing schedules, dynamic reconnaissance ahead of the bit, interactive 3-D visualization and accurate downhole profiles for drilling, tripping and casing operations.

Then, there’s our proprietary and unique OPTIBRIDGE software. This tool allows the M-I SWACO drilling-fluids specialist to precisely and quickly select correctly sized bridging agents.

VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS ECD and ESD Management Software


The M-I SWACO PRESSPRO RT software package immediately provides information needed to mitigate, and even eliminate, critical drilling problems and events that can jeopardize the efficiency and economics of high-cost drilling programs. PRESSPRO RT software uses surface measurements to calculate downhole pressure profiles and fluid properties in real time during drilling, tripping, and other critical operations.

OPTIBRIDGE Bridging Agent Selection Software

MUDWARE Engineering Software

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