Drilling Waste Management

Drilling waste management expertise to minimize your environmental footprint

M-I SWACO leads the industry in engineering cost-effective technologies designed to reduce the HSE footprint of your  drilling operations.  Our new generation drilling waste management technologies includes vacuums and pneumatic conveyance systems for the safe collection and transport of cuttings.  Our wide range of cuttings treatment systems include a multi-disciplinary waste injection process and patented thermal desorption technologies.  We also are the clear leader in developing drilling fluids with characteristics making them ideal for bioremediation.

Fundamental to our drilling waste management strategy is not only minimizing waste, but transforming it into a beneficial resource. 

That strategy is at the core of the M-I SWACO culture where all employees share responsibility to protect the environment. It is the guiding force behind our company-wide program of product development, refinement and applications focused on protection and sustainability.

Our portfolio of drilling waste management solutions include:

  • Bioremediation/land farming
  • Cuttings slurrification and re-injection (CRI)
  • Dewatering and water treatment
  • Stabilization
  • Thermal processing
  • Cuttings drying
  • Vacuum collection
  • Pneumatic cuttings transport

Cuttings Collection & Transport

Cuttings Treatment

Cuttings Re-Injection

Cuttings Dryers

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