Mud Mixing

Regardless of rig size or project complexity, M-I SWACO will use our operational and engineering experience to design a system that meets the customers and market expectations. We will then engineer, fabricate and commission the mud-mixing system required to perform efficiently and safely.

Whether it’s a single HIRIDE eductor, or a fully automated, touch screen-controlled, multifunction system, it will deliver the best performance available.

If one quality best describes the system, it is “versatility.” Originally conceived for mixing drilling fluids, an M-I SWACO system can be designed for completion fluids as well. Rugged construction, using low-temperature carbon steel and stainless steel, ensures long life in hostile environments. All components feature a minimized footprint and the flexibility to be positioned as rig space dictates.

All of our Mud Mixing technologies are constructed of rugged, low-temperature carbon and stainless steel. As a result, they perform efficiently, safely and over a longer life, regardless of the environment. What’s more, we have engineered into the systems components designed specially to protect the health and safety of workers.

HI-RIDE Hopper

HI-SIDE Blender

Automatic Bag Slitter

Caustic Soda Mix Tank

Chemical-Additive Unit

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