Horizontal Directional Drilling, Mining and Waterwell


Drilling solutions for industrial & municipal projects

Whether mining for gold far below the earth or boring beneath a busy highway, you can rely on M-I SWACO. Our HDD, Mining and Waterwell group brings to your project a wide range of high-efficiency drilling fluids, solids control and waste management solutions.

HDD, Mining and Waterwell delivers the same cost-effective technologies that make M-I SWACO a leader in the E&P industry. Regardless of the application or location, our engineering specialists can customize a drilling program to keep your project on track. These highly trained and experienced specialists have the know-how to optimize your drilling efficiency with minimal environmental impact.

What’s more, our worldwide locations ensure these unrivaled products, equipment and engineering services are at your site, when and where you need them. That includes our integrated solids control and waste management system designed to minimize the environment footprint and reduce your fluid consumption.

From the comparatively simple to the complex, HDD, Mining and Waterwell has solutions to address your particular project, including:

  • Underground mining
  • River crossings
  • Coal-bed methane drilling
  • Curb-to-house installations
  • Surface coring jobs
  • Under-highway boring

Horizontal Directional Drilling


Waterwell Drilling

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