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Application specific design for MPD, UBD, well control, frac plug drill out, frac flow back and well testing

M-I SWACO choke manifolds are engineered to work with multiple choke and gate valve configurations and accommodate pressure ratings from 5,000-15,000 psi. With a bore size range from 2-1/6” to 4-1/6”, these choke manifolds can be adapted to a variety of choke and gate valve configurations. Equipment is designed to accommodate remotely operated, manual and positive chokes monogrammed to API 6A and/or API 16C. To provide control options, these choke manifolds can be outfitted with either joystick-controlled remote chokes or the pressure-balanced AUTOCHOKE unit.

Safe and effective equipment protection designed by specialists

An all-inclusive suite of customized manifolds allows our specialists to design application-specific configurations of chokes, gate valves, fittings and technical specifications to provide precise pressure and flow control in any operations requiring a choke to control surface casing pressure. The flow from the well is directed through the drilling chokes to protect downstream equipment from the high well flow pressures encountered during operations. Specialists configure the pressure control equipment to safely manage hydrogen sulfide emissions and prevent the release of toxic fluids.

Parallel choke design saves time and money

Servicing equipment can be done without interrupting the operation with parallel chokes. One choke can be safely serviced while pressure and flow are controlled through the other. This feature offers safe pressure control while reducing downtime. Additionally, equipment can be adapted based on location requirements, including small-footprint configurations.

Flat Design MPD Manifolds

Engineered specifically for MPD/UBD applications, the flat-design MPD Manifold features double-block and bleed valves that form two pressure barriers.

MPD L-Shape Manifolds

MPD L-Shape Manifolds are configured in a cost-effective space-saving design, making them ideal for installation in closed containers for use in MPD/UBD applications in harsh environments.

MPD U-Shape Manifolds

The compact MPD U-Shape Manifold is the configuration of choice for offshore and other applications where space is at a premium.

Frac-Plug Drill Out (FPDO)/Flow Back (FFB) Manifold (2-1/16-in & 3-1/16 in)

Engineered specifically for drilling out frac plugs for flow back operations, the 2-1/16-in version of the FPDO/FFB Manifold features dual-isolation valves upstream of the choke, thereby enhancing safety during maintenance or choke change-outs.

Choke and Kill/Well Control Manifolds

M-I SWACO offers a comprehensive suite of manifolds designed specifically for choke and kill applications to circulate out a kick. These manifolds feature dual-isolation valves upstream of the choke, thus enhancing safety during maintenance or choke swaps. The upstream and downstream of each manifold is custom-designed to the configuration needed with various ID’s to protect downstream equipment.

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Engineered configurations for all pressure-sensitive applications.
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