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Integrated technologies to remove the obstacles to maximum production

Operators worldwide have come to rely on M-I SWACO Production Technologies to mitigate problems that jeopardize maximum production.  We offer a full suite of targeted solutions for all your production-related problems. Our portfolio ranges from specialty chemicals to inhibit corrosion, hydrogen sulfide or gas-hydrates to customized produced water and sand management.

Our experts will devise a comprehensive and integrated fluids-related program to keep you project producing at an optimum level.  From the relatively simple to the complex, M-I SWACO Production Technologies has a resolution to your problem, including:

  • Specialty Production Chemicals
  • H2S Treatment Products
  • Chemical Management Products & Services
  • Pipeline Drag Reduction
  • Produced Water & Sand Management

We have developed a solid foundation for solving production problems in the most complex environments, including the deep and ultra-deepwater. There, we refined the concept and development of long-term scale-squeeze treatments to help you achieve the highest returns from your reservoirs. We consistently help operators realize their production goals with products and processes for handling paraffin, scale, hydrates and all the problems unique to deepwater.

In addition, our Production Technologies experts are working hard today to address tomorrow’s production challenges. We have dedicated considerable resources in research and engineering as well as strategically located laboratories and field-support operations. What’s more, our fully certified ecotoxicological laboratory ensures our solutions pose minimal impact to people and the environment.  

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