Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Services & Products

Build in Production Continuity from Reservoir to Refinery

M-I SWACO gives you more ways to build production continuity and operational efficiency into every stage of your Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) operations. By considering both process equipment and chemical consumption we deliver a major advance in system performance, lowering operating costs and reducing non-productive time.

Our unique range of mechanical, chemical and data management products and services protect asset integrity, improve efficiency, increase production and enhance product quality.

Build in Flow Assurance and Asset Integrity

A wide range of chemical products and services to build in protection of critical FPSO process equipment, maintain pipework integrity and assure production flow.

  • Specialty Production Chemicals
    Complete offering of targeted chemical solutions for all of the myriad problems hindering maximum production, processing and transporting of petroleum products.
  • Chemical Management
    Integrated customized approach to creating the most effective and economical solution for each specific application.

Build in Hydrocarbon Quality

Our unique range of production chemicals and gas purification products and services help you meet export specifications and maximize sales revenues – while reducing QHSE risk and protecting asset integrity.

  • Demulsifiers
    Chemicals that resolve emulsification issues in crude oil production, processing.
  • H2S Treatment
    Range of well-established SULFATREAT technologies for removing H2S gas from both gases and liquids.

Build in Increased Production

With produced water and sand management products and services that can be optimized with built-for-purpose chemistry we can maximize production throughput and deliver cleaner effluent. We also help you remove more of the obstacles to optimum production with remedial scale treatments for effective decontamination during production or decommissioning.

Build in Offloading Efficiency

Enhance transfer capacity, shortening loading times and reducing shuttle tanker idle time to help you increase profitability with our drag reduction products and flow improvers. Our technologies can also be used to increase flow rates in export pipelines, as well as enhancing water injection rates to maximize secondary recovery.

  • NECADD 447
    Product for reducing drag in pipeline flow with no product alteration.

Build in Production Diagnostics

Manage the technical, commercial and operational performance of your assets and gain timely access to critical diagnostic information to predict, identify and prevent issues, ensuring greater production continuity and reducing cost.

  • KEM-TRAX Software
    Integrated project management software that helps cut operational costs.

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Floating Production, Storage and Offloading

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