Production Chemicals

A full inventory of chemical solutions for any production-related problem

M-I SWACO offers a chemical solution to all of the myriad problems hindering maximum production, processing and transporting of petroleum products. Our Production Technologies offerings include chemicals to inhibit corrosion, emulsion, scale, bacteria, foam, wax and hydrogen sulfide.

Because each problem is different, we are committed to tailoring solutions to meet all of our customers’ unique and changing needs.  We have one mission:  Create the most effective and economical solution for each situation, any size, anywhere and anytime.

Cleaning Products

Efficient and environmentally acceptable surfactants for removing grease and other heterogeneous material. These products function well as a heavy-duty cleaner intended for use in a wide area of cleaning operations. These can include well wash, washing greasy oil field tools, threads, separators, tanks and pipe work.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Combat a wide variety of corrosion problems and inhibit corrosion in oil, gas and water systems. They are effective under 'sweet,’ 'sour' and acid conditions and are designed for use in all parts of the oil and gas production process. The main areas of application include corrosion control in downhole tubing, production facilities and oil and gas pipelines.


Designed to assist in the separation of gas from oil and water. Our defoamers control and prevent the formation of foams within process plants and reduce the likelihood of liquid carryover with the gas.


Used to resolve oil and water emulsions occurring during crude oil production and processing. Demulsifiers also assist in the clarification of produced water.

These products work specifically as demulsifiers in oil and gas production systems and desalting units. In addition, they function as chemicals to reduce the residual hydrocarbon content in water to levels where disposal is acceptable.

Hydrate Inhibitors

For controlling the formation of gas hydrates. The range includes low-dosage hydrate growth inhibitors in addition to the more common thermodynamic inhibitors such as methanol and glycols.


Control a broad spectrum of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, particularly sulfate-reducing bacteria for water injection, produced-water and cooling-water systems. These products are effective both by their biocidal activity and by chemically modifying the environment to prevent harmful bacterial activity.

Oxygen Scavengers

A suite of oxygen scavengers to assist in the efficient operation of water injection systems. These products are used both for the processing of water from a number of different sources for reservoir pressure maintenance and for water disposal. These chemicals remove dissolved oxygen and assist in the filtration of water.

Paraffin Inhibitors

Specialty chemicals designed to control the many problems associated with wax and asphaltene deposition in oil and gas production. This includes products which inhibit the formation of wax and asphaltenes in flow lines, the depression of the pour point of crude oils and products which will remove and disperse wax and asphaltene deposits in pipe work and tubing.

Scale Dissolvers

Designed to combat the many problems associated with mineral scale in oil and gas production. Our scale dissolvers are effective in dissolving sulfate and carbonate scales of barium, strontium and calcium, as well as iron scales, both downhole and in surface equipment.

Scale Inhibitors

A range of scale inhibitors to control the deposition of both sulfate and carbonate scales. These chemicals target barium, calcium and strontium scale at all stages of processing water from the reservoir to the water-disposal system. They inhibit iron deposits and also are effective dispersants for sand and silt in water lines.

Tracer Dyes

Water-soluble dyes for detecting leaks during pipeline and vessel hydro-tests. The fluorescent dyes deliver an intense blue-green color when diluted with water, thus allowing visible detection of leakage during hydro-tests. A clear dye is available for sensitive in-shore tests and discharge schemes. This tracer dye is not visible under normal white light and can be detected only under irradiation by tuned UV light.

Water Clarifiers

A wide range of water clarifiers to remove complex hydrocarbons from an oil/water dispersion. These products are designed to reduce the residual hydrocarbon content in water to levels where disposal is acceptable.

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