Produced Water Treatment

Multi-element approach to full produced water treatment

Maturing reserves coupled with more stringent discharge legislation mean operators must depend on produced water treatment processes to maintain production targets. This is a difficult assignment when you consider operators of many mature offshore assets may find they are processing more water than oil.

M-I SWACO Production Technologies recognized early on that a multi-element approach is the key to successful and reliable produced water treatment. Therefore, we focused our Produced Water Treatment offerings on a number of processing elements from primary (bulk oil removal) to tertiary (water polishing).  If the quality of the water discharged is to be optimized, it is essential the primary bulk oil removal step assists  the secondary water polishing system.

This approach is highly preferable to relying on one single element.  As the oil content in the produced water decreases, it becomes increasingly more difficult and expensive to reduce it further. It is a fact for every current produced water treatment technology that the less oil contamination at inlet, the less the residual oil in the water outlet. In other words, less oil in = less oil out.

We especially recognize that for offshore the equipment must be compact as well as efficient.  Typically, every ton of process plant requires approximately three tons of super and sub structure to support it. Consequently, process equipment space and weight are key commercial drivers.

M-I SWACO has developed a range of innovative technologies for each step of the treatment process to provide a solution that is compact, targeted, robust, flexible. More importantly, they ensure you meet the discharge requirements of a specific application.

CYCLOTECH B20 Series Deoiling Hydrocyclone

CYCLOTECH MC Series Desanding Hydrocyclones


EPCON CFU Technology

EPCON LOGIC Automatic Control System

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