CYCLOTECH MC Series Desanding Hydrocyclones

Designed specifically for demanding upstream oil and gas operations

M-I SWACO Production Technologies developed CYCLOTECH MC Series desanding hydrocyclones to meet demanding upstream environmental and physical requirements.  Upstream demands are very different from industries, such as mineral processing and paper, which have widely employed solid/liquid cyclones.

The CYCLOTECH MC Series hydrocyclones are used for removing solids from  produced water, seawater or liquid hydrocarbon streams. The most common applications are for produced water re-injection systems, protecting downstream produced water treatment equipment and as an integral part of a CYCLOTECH sand receiving and cleaning system.

Hydrocyclone Liner Design

The CYCLOTECH MC Series desanding hydrocyclone geometries were developed in house, undergoing rigorous testing both in the lab and the field and are now used globally used. Desanding hydrocyclone separation efficiency and capacity is a strong function of the hydrocyclone diameter. The smaller the diameter, the smaller the particles that can be separated,  but the lower the capacity of each hydrocyclone.

In the CYCLOTECH MC series configuration, large numbers of small diameter desanding hydrocyclones are installed in a single vessel to achieve high sand removal efficiencies at high flow rates. In all cases, the liner packing is highly efficient which allows M-I SWACO to offer highly compact vessel designs. M-I SWACO manufactures the CYCLOTECH MC series hydrocyclone liners from engineering grade alumina ceramics as standard. For highly erosive applications, we use a reaction-bonded silicon carbide, an extremely hard-wearing advanced ceramic. Typically, this provides six times the wear life of an alumina ceramic equivalent.

High Turndown Vessel Design

For applications requiring very high turndown, M-I SWACO offers its CYCLOTECH HTD compartmentalized vessel approach. Internal baffles are used to divide the vessel into either two or three compartments. Each compartment can be switched in or out of service using external valving, effectively providing a number of hydrocyclone liner banks within a single vessel housing. This operation can be automated.

The CYCLOTECH HTD design has considerable benefits over traditional methods to increase turndown as it removes the need for either blanking liners or multiple vessels. In a typical installation, the CYCLOTECH HTD design can increase turndown from 5:1 to 15:1 for a two-compartment and over 50:1 for a three-compartment HTD vessel.

New-Build Systems

The CYCLOTECH MC Series desanding hydrocyclone systems form an integral part of our produced water treatment and sand management capability. These systems can range from fully automated packaged systems to stand-alone vessels. Standard pressure vessel designs are available at most design pressures and temperatures.

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