Solids Control Systems and Products

Solids control equipment and services that remove solids to maintain drilling fluid integrity

M-I SWACO solids control equipment packages comprise a complete line of technologies engineered to optimize drilling efficiencies by maintaining fluid integrity, reducing fluid losses, minimizing HSE impact, and lowering drilling costs through NPT management. Our all-inclusive solids control offering comprises advanced shale shakers and associated OEM composite screens, flow dividers, new-generation centrifuges and pumps, D-SILTERs and D-SANDERs, cuttings dryers, gumbo chains and agitators. Our solids control and separation suite also includes the RHE-USE system for the continual use of invert emulsion drilling fluids without high rates of dilution, state-of-the-art dewatering solutions, and the INTELLIGENT FLUID MONITORING service.

Fit-for-purpose rig engineering

In developing our portfolio of solids control technologies, we went far beyond a one size fits all approach. We recognized that each project and each rig is different, and that diversity extends to solids control. Our Rig Engineering and Systems Group works closely with rig designers, contractors, operators and shipyards to assess their unique specifications. We examine well programs to determine the optimum solids control program to meet specific cost, operational and environment requirements. The result is an integrated drilling and waste management configuration that addresses all the unique needs of your specific project.

Exceeding solids control expectations

Our project-specific solids control technologies have consistently shown their capacity to deliver maximum separation efficiency and high-efficiency solids removal for optimal fluid recovery, reduced dilution rates for maximum fluid reuse, less waste generation and lower discharges for optimal HSE performance, and lower drilling costs through minimization of NPT.

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