Decanting units that deliver the highest level of environmental performance

M-I SWACO provides high-speed, variable-speed, and fully variable-speed centrifuges designed specifically to process drilling fluids to the highest environmental standards. Our decanting centrifuges are designed to deliver high fluid recovery rates and efficient solids control. Together, that adds up to a significant reduction in the operator’s total fluids cost and less waste for disposal.

The M-I SWACO line of ruggedly built centrifuges were designed for both oilfield and industrial applications. They are especially effective in meeting the fluid-on-cuttings discharge requirements in environmentally sensitive areas.

Our centrifuges recover as much as 95 percent of the barite in weighted drilling fluids. The barite is returned to the active mud system, while the decanting centrifuge discards the finer, lower-gravity solids.

In chemically enhanced dewatering systems, M-I SWACO centrifuges reduce liquid discharge volumes significant while enhancing total solids control system efficiency.


518 HV Centrifuge




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