OPTM-IZER Solids Control System

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Mobile, high-efficiency solids control for land operations

The M-I SWACO OPTM-IZER solids control system is a mobile closed-loop unit engineered to time, labor and installation costs. The OPTM-IZER can work standalone or as a supplement to rig shakers. It can move in, rig up and be operating on location within two hours of arrival.

The OPTM-IZER operates in three processing modes, depending on the specific application and requirements:

  • High-volume. Drilling fluid is drawn from the rig via the 6-in. suction line and into two fully variable-speed-centrifugal feed pumps inside the pump room. They, in turn, move the fluid to the two fully-variable-speed centrifuges. The centrifuges are mounted atop the pump room so that the solids can discard into the catch-tank portion of the trailer while the liquid effluent returns to the tanks mounted below, inside the pump room. The effluent then returns to the rig via a separate fully-variable-speed centrifugal pump at the same rate as the fluid entering the tanks
  • Dewatering. This mode is similar to high volume processing, but with an additional chemical-injection line tapped into both centrifuge feed pumps.  Drilling fluids are flocculated on the fly while flowing toward the centrifuge-feed piping. Clear-water effluent is piped directly into the effluent tank for immediate, metered return to the rig via the automation package and level controls. The flocculated solids are discarded directly into the trailer’s catch tank.
  • Barite-recovery. Operators can switch the centrifugal feed pumps from parallel to series operation.  In the series mode, the No. 1 centrifuge processes mud in low speed operation and the effluent returns to the polishing tank. There, it is polished through the No. 2 centrifuge. The barite recovered from the first centrifuge passes directly into the slurry tank mounted in the pump room, along with the polished effluent from the No. 2 centrifuge.


  • OPTM-IZER was engineered for land rigs not equipped to perform specialized solids-control operations and do not require these capabilities while drilling the entire well.  
  • OPTM-IZER provides those operations barite recovery, high-capacity processing, dewatering and/or mud stripping.


  • Better solids removal to reduce dilution and waste volumes
  • Fully-variable speed- centrifuge technology lowers the percentage of liquid on cuttings, while the entire OPTM-IZER package is fully contained to avoid any liquid/solid spills
  • Increased solids removal efficiency
  • Lower mobilization, transportation and installation costs
  • Reduced manpower requirements
  • No crane picks
  • Lower drilling-waste disposal costs.

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