Shale Shakers

Specially designed high-capacity units for all drilling environments

M-I SWACO designs, manufactures and operates a complete line of advanced balanced-elliptical and linear-motion shakers for all onshore and offshore applications.  Whether used as scalping, primary or stand-alone units, our high-capacity shale shakers deliver unmatched solids removal.  All of our shakers are available for sell or rental.

We pioneered the design of shakers that occupy minimal rig space, but deliver the muscle to handle high solids volume.  In high ROP applications, our shakers keep solids at bay, allowing your active drilling fluid to perform at peak efficiency.

In designing our suite of high performing shakers, we looked first at what they would be asked to do.  Since drill solids degrade rapidly when first processed, it is critical they quickly be removed from the circulating mud. That's where the shaker comes in, playing a vital role as the first mechanism for solids removal.   Failure to keep solids out of the active mud could mean diminished ROP, equipment damage, non-productive time and higher costs. In designing our shale shaker technologies we considered:

  • The shaker vibration pattern
  • Vibration dynamics, or G-force
  • Deck size and configuration
  • Shaker processing efficiency
  • Shaker screen characteristics

What resulted are some of the most innovative, high performing and cost-effective shakers on the market.

MD-2 Shale Shaker

An unbeatable combination for solids control

MD-3 Triple-Deck Shale Shaker

MEERKAT PT Shale Shaker


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