Production Waste Management

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Processes, technologies for cleaning up production wastes, recovering valuable crude

Complementing our drilling waste management offerings is a portfolio of technologies to handle wastes generated by the production operation. Our wide range of solutions includes dewatering and RECLAIM technologies.

M-I SWACO has solutions to deal with all forms of production, storage and refining wastes. These forms include separation vessel blow downs, flotation unit rejects, filter back-flushes, well-testing fluids, tank bottom sediments and oil spills, among others.   The common factor with all these wastes is that they are difficult to treat and present a significant environmental headache.

Often, oily wastes often dumped into pits or tanks where aging and weathering convert them into viscous sludges, further complicating the treatment solution. Untreated oily sludge creates environmental liability and often is a source of unrealized revenue.

Our knowledge, experience and worldwide presence give you the assurance you want. M-I SWACO understands the complexities of dealing with production wastes. We can recommend a total solution that focuses on the maximum possible recovery from neglected assets. We also will provide solutions for treatment or disposal of the solids and water that remain. As an added bonus, we assist you bottom line by recovering commercial crude oil of commercial quality.

Our understanding of complex oily sludges and emulsions is broad. Our knowledge of the variation of chemical compositions and physical characteristics that can be encountered is second to none. Our solutions are unique and always reliable.

M-I SWACO has operations in every oil-producing country and holds an extensive suite of production waste management solutions. We are the only company with the global resources and experience to address the often complex problem of remediating oilfield wastes. We have the expertise and technologies to handle the significant variance in waste composition and characteristics. We offer a wide range of products and services, enabling us to provide a single process or a combination of solutions.  Either way, we efficiently and effectively manage even your most complex production waste problems.

Our experienced specialists can mobilize laboratory analysis and test equipment to any location to evaluate specific problems.

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