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Efficient ethane and propane recovery from produced gas

Unlike the natural gas used by consumers, gas that is produced from oil, gas, or condensate wells contains a number of gas liquids (NGLs): ethane, propane, butane, and pentanes. Because these NGLs have commercial value, processors use separation technologies to recover them.

Among NGLs, ethane and propane are some of the heaviest. Separating them efficiently from natural gas requires a cryogenic process. Schlumberger cryogenic gas plants can recover 97% or more of the ethane in natural gas streams, providing 10% more revenue than conventional systems.

CryoCAM cryogenic gas plant

Our plants are available in two standard sizes: the standard 75-MMcf/d plant, which can treat 60 to 90 MMcf/d, and the standard 200-MMcf/d plant, capable of treating 160 to 225 MMcf/d.


  • Unique patented reflux system enables high recovery efficiency.
    • Ethane recovery mode of operation recovers 97% or more of ethane and up to 99.9% of propane.
    • Ethane rejection mode recovers 96% or more of the propane and 10% of the ethane.
  • Higher CO2 tolerance (up to 2%) in the inlet feed gas results in lower capex.
  • High-pressure operation of the demethanizer reduces the required horsepower for downstream residue compression, saving both capex and opex.
  • The modular design provides faster delivery to market, quality improvement, and reduced personnel costs, saving opex.

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